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Mental and Emotional Wellness are as important as physical health and wellness.

Allow us to be your full service HR Department, or let us manage key HR functions.

Our process allows you to teach and lead others in your organization to get the right result.

Northstar delivers comprehensive employee assistance programming & support to help develop employees in their personal and professional lives.

Northstar is your turnkey employee support solution.  Our employee assistance program (EAP) delivers comprehensive services to support employees with their mental health and more.  As a stand-alone EAP, Northstar specializes in delivering employee mental health counseling coupled with full circle human resources solutions to create an engaged and productive workplace. Are you currently listing the challenges your team faces, let us find you the solutions. Fill out our Request for Proposal Form now and receive a custom quote and learn how this investment in your team gives your business an advantage. 

Northstar EAP information can also be found on the BenefitPitch site! 


Compassion, paired with a people-centered approach, contributes to increased levels of employee engagement and life satisfaction, both of which drive organizational success.

EAP Services for your employees are at our core. We also serve as your partner in developing human resources practices that align to your business needs and your company’s culture. Our goal is to help you deliver the best result and increase productivity.

With Northstar, you can deepen your organization’s bench strength, tackle the day-to-day needs of your employees, and achieve your company’s goals.