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1, 2, 3 of Northstar EAP

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Employee Assistance Programs have been around for decades and Northstar has been around for over 20 years. Northstar EAP service is now nationwide, intentionally pairing with rural based clients -both the employer or employee.

We will be publishing a three part series regarding Northstar EAP, what we do, why we are different, what services and support we provide.

Part one of three:

Northstar is an option for EAP that feels local but has national service coverage. Customized and personalized EAP service for where you or your employees are based. Employee Assistance is provided in Michigan, Florida, Texas, New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota and many more locations and states.

Northstar is a resource for employees (1), a partner for HR (2), and a tool to strengthen the entire organization (3).

EAP's Defined:
1. Employee Assistance Programs and the traditional service and role they play are to be a mental health resource for employees. Northstar accomplishes that as well as going beyond and becoming a partner to the entire organization with our unique approach.
When employees hit challenges and barriers in their professional and personal life, an EAP is often their first and best option. EAP's, like Northstar, connect the employee with a counselor and the employee will attend therapy sessions to learn skills and coping techniques to help them overcome the difficulty they are facing.

Northstar's direct counselor network is what sets us apart and gives YOUR ORGANIZATION the competitive advantage or what we call the 'Northstar Difference'. We are not like other EAPs. We are different. We are not just a great EAP for our area of Michigan, we are a great EAP for all our partners, no matter their location.

At times, additional care is needed or referred. In which case EAP was the entry point for this important care, while mitigating the insurance costs. Other times the employee might feel better after 1-2 sessions. The employee and their family can access these services. Mental Health awareness, stress at work, grief, anxiety, or simply talking to someone are all reasons someone would use an EAP.

Northstar EAP is an intervention here to serve the company and employee by providing options and opportunities for engagement, counseling, and personal development.

Access to care in rural locations is especially difficult for various reasons as we know. This is where Northstar shines! Northstar's difference and the advantages we can provide are clear. We go beyond the corporate add-on groups, or large low-cost/no-cost services that are faceless and offer one-note options for EAP. Northstar works with the business to find various solutions and resources that assist our employer partners in unlocking their potential, helping address mental health in and out of the workplace, and investing in their team in a way that fits with their company culture.

What that translates to is everything from custom trainings and seminars with employee groups, working with managers and supervisors on employee referrals or screening new hires, providing HR support for often 1 of 1 person in that role, or simply the traditional EAP counseling that remains at our core. Check back next month when we dive into more detail on how we are a partner for Human Resources professionals and staff.

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