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Who We Are

Northstar is an Employee Assistance Program firm that focuses on delivering mental health counseling, strategic help and coaching to our partner company employees. We are a stand-alone EAP, deliver tailor-made, human-centered counseling and care to our prioritized business partners. Working directly with employers, we eliminate the authorization and screening process so our clients can get help immediately. We put our partner companies and their employees first. Northstar is based out of Michigan, but due to our technology and reach, we can work with companies almost anywhere in the United States. If you want us to turn on service in your geographic region -we will, just ask.

Our goal at Northstar is to provide you and your company with tools, resources, and services that help you “work on your businesses” as well as “work in your business”. Employee Assistance Programming is our core, as well as offering opportunities to expand your potential and business efficiencies with our Business Coaching, Human Resources support, and Workplace Wellness services.

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What is EAP?

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) provide needs assessment, counseling and referrals for employees and their family members who find themselves facing mental health or emotional challenges, whether it directly or indirectly affects their work. EAPs help employees and their families deal with life events, workplace issues, and a wide variety of other personal challenges. An EAP is often a benefit provider by an employer that, as an employer, can set you apart in hiring, along with increased employee retention and increased workforce outcomes. Establishing and maintaining an effective EAP can make a tremendous difference in your organization. Northstar's custom-built employee assistance solutions provide a wide range of services that boost the health and productivity not only of the employees but of the entire organization. As a boutique firm, we're able to provide a high level of care through both in-person and online resources that encourage your team to maintain healthy and positive lifestyles—while supporting them with proven, effective strategies when they run into trouble. Our total wellbeing model actively engages our client organizations and their employees in order to create meaningful connections with their EAP. Our goal is to drive productivity, strengthen teamwork, provide work/life support and counsel individual and organizational mental and behavioral health—all while exceeding expectations in service delivery.


Employee Assistance Programming is a tool used by employers to improve the overall wellness of their employees and workforce, thus improving their business. Make your team your competitive advantage. The best managers and business owners invest in their staff. By bettering your people, you better your business. EAP is delivered through counseling and therapy for various issues that remove barriers, reduce stress and anxiety and encourage your people to perform at their peak. EAP is very often an add-on to existing traditional health benefits or offered as a stand-alone option for small businesses. 

Student Assistance Programming is delivered via counseling and therapy and can serve as a provider and benefit for your student population to supplement existing programming or fully deliver a counseling service to the population. 

Our story...

Northstar EAP has been in operation for over 15 years. Born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we appreciate and understand the unique cultures and nuances of rural-based businesses and their employees. Northstar has implemented necessary updates and has improved our systems. At Northstar, our counselor network is our greatest asset and most of the national EAP networks partner with us to utilize our team and support services. Our counselors are attuned to the local area, culture and customs, creating immediate rapport and engagement.