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Be ready for the next “work place issue” with Northstar Employee Assistance Program

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An investment in Northstar EAP is an investment in your people.

As a manager, owner, HR pro, you have the power to empower your team and strengthen their mental health.

Help your team overcome challenges and be ready for the new year.

With Northstar EAP your employees will have:

  • less barriers
  • less numbers to call
  • less roadblocks to climb over
  • less wait times
  • and more direct care.

If you currently have an EAP that ‘doesn’t work, but was an add-on service’, contact Northstar to learn how an EAP SHOULD WORK.

Working with you and your team to give you time and productivity back where it counts.

Northstar’s goal is to save you time and money, improve your employee’s health and increase your company’s profitability.

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