Employee Assistance Programming: Moving your employees forward, up, and out of pandemic

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"Your success is our success", at Northstar.

We partner with rural based organizations and companies, since understanding both the societal dynamics and geographical access to care and limitations is crucial to giving proper guidance and mental health assistance. 

EAP has quickly become one of the most sought after employee benefits to mitigate employee stress, employee turnover, employee miss-days, and employee work-place related anxiety.

A recent survey reported, "stress levels across all industries are at an all time high".

This comes as no surprise as we all face a global pandemic and correlating anxiety for our employees that continue reporting to the office location or working from home.

These employees need tools and resources to help them cope with their day-to-day challenges.

Employee Assistance Programming will help them as they seek to maintain their energy, focus and attention to the safety and wellbeing of who they serve, work and care for.

Just like PPE is used to protect yourself and your employees, EAP helps protect your mental health and address issues in your workforce. Be it stress and anxiety, grief or workplace challenges, Employee Assistance provided by Northstar can support staff to address the barriers and difficulties where we need additional help and encouragement.

Northstar EAP, here to be another arrow in the quiver of protecting your employees and providing opportunities for improvement and wellbeing.

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