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Employer Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.

TESS is a FREE virtual chat service providing encouragement and strategies on how to manage everyday stress and anxiety available to Northstar EAP company partners and clients. Tess bridges the gaps by using an person-centric approach: by simply texting the phone number, you’re signed up right away. Instantly available on a 24/7 basis, Tess monitors the employee/student and learns their emotional patterns during conversations. It’s CONFIDENTIAL, FREE, and can help schedule EAP or SAP sessions on demand. 

Corporate Wellness Program designed to help your employees take control of their health and effectively balance the competing demands of work and life—resulting in a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.

We have two options for Corporate Wellness. Wellness trainings and seminars or Health Coaching as an add-on to your current EAP program. Talk with us to see which is the best fit and solution to help your employees:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Lower healthcare, disability and worker’s compensation costs
  • Decrease absenteeism, attract and retain top talent
  • Reduce stress and injuries
  • Boost employee morale and well-being
  • Help employees achieve optimal work/life balance

Every interaction your employees have with us will be recorded. What topics they search in the portal, what webinars they listen too, how many sessions they use for EAP, what presenting issues are the reason they contacted EAP. Below the data lies a story and we don’t stop with the Utilization report (provided twice a year). We will work with you to address the issues, from there we can also deliver and develop trainings to improve areas of weakness or topics that need addressing with continuous improvement.

Employers often try to leverage “add-on” EAP services or subscribe to a technology-based direct-to-consumer service; however, these approaches are rarely able to deliver proper evaluations or a high standard of care to employees. Choosing a “free” or “embedded” EAP can burden your employees with a strict approval process which delays care by as many as 5- 14 business days. This can feel like a lifetime to an employee with a time-sensitive need.

Choose ‘local’ over ‘add-on’.

Northstar EAP processes initial requests within 24 hours and works to pair each client with a counselor trained for their specific need. Northstar offers both real-time options with local providers and a robust online portal with virtual therapy options so your employees can see us when they need us most.

Additionally, we have an engaged and curated counselor network that increases access for our direct partners. What good is a free EAP, if it doesn’t work… ?

Yes, they can. However, as we know especially in rural areas, access is an issue. Getting into a counselor or therapist with or without referrals can take weeks to months, depending on the location and issues. At Northstar our growing network gives you access and prioritization with our trained and professional counseling staff.

It is important to remember that EAP is considered a dual contract model.  This means employee…. Your EAP partner plays a consultative role with the employer and employee.  In addition, the EAP will provide high level utilization data for the employer to review.

  • Partner that will help your managers and employees
  • Help your employee deal with life issues and enhance their well-being
  • Customer intimacy embedded into the company culture, etc. 
  • We are problem solvers, become the 1st place to go for help
  • Proactively look to add value and want our services to use Northstar
  • Relationship based integration for the customer
  • Real people, delivering real results. 
  • Technology, tools, and resources to engage with all clients, not simply those who access EAP. 
  • Understanding of your company culture and best way to get results and outcomes you team is seeking. (Years of industry, operational, and HR experience back this up.)

There has never been a more compelling time to offer EAP for your team.  Organizations with engaged employees thrive.  Northstar helps your employees be at their best.  When employees are challenged with issues it can impact their engagement and decision making.  Northstar is your partner to resolve these issues but also understand the root cause.  We give you data to understand challenges.  Our support doesn’t stop there; we give you solutions to achieve long-term success in the areas identified.

EAP, stands for Employee Assistance Program. Northstar offers EAP among additional complimentary services. EAPs provide needs assessment, counseling and referrals for employees and their family members who find themselves facing mental health or emotional challenges. EAPs help employees and their families deal with life events, workplace issues, and a wide variety of other personal challenges. An EAP is often a benefit provider by an employer that, as an employer, can set you apart in hiring, along with increased employee retention and increased workforce outcomes.

EAP is not mental health long-term counseling. EAP is not mental health care.  One of our primary objectives at Northstar is to educate our company clients and their employees on EAP. Northstar’s goal is to drive productivity, strengthen teamwork, provide work/life support and counsel individual and organizational mental and behavioral health—all while exceeding expectations in service delivery.

Northstar’s EAP objectives:

  • Improve employee retention and engagement
  • Boost talent acquisition efforts
  • Maximize productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve morale and satisfaction
  • Improve work/life balance
  • Empower you to address today’s most pressing HR issues including sexual harassment, workplace violence, and the opioid crisis