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Here is part three of a series of posts regarding Northstar EAP, what we do, why we are different, what services and support we provide.

Part three of three:

Mental Health Tools, Organizational Resources, Personal and Professional Development Information and more!

3. Tools, Resources, and More: Business Consulting, Custom Trainings, Seminars, Supervisor and Management Coaching, Hiring, Firing, the list goes on.

Whether you need someone to help you recruit, hire, and background check, audit your current SOP's, instill new ones. Create custom and direct trainings and seminars for your managers or entire team, Northstar has an arrow in their quiver to address your issue. If we don't, we will help you find or validate someone who does. Consulting, we agree sounds vague, however sometimes we all are simply too close to the task. We have tunnel vision and lose perspective, or worse yet, our leadership or management has lost that. Staying nimble, being progressive and flexible, if we've learned nothing from the past two years it's that the way we've always done it, needs to change, but finding that new path, new rhythm can be difficult. Bring us in for a project, a time period, a specific season or as part of an advisory team that can give you fresh ideas and outlook. We promise this is the most meaningful action you can take to retain and attract talent that is part of the #greatresignation or #greatreshuffle.

The way this works on a case by case basis. All of your businesses are different, but your operations might be the same. Having worked with a large variety of businesses and organizations over the years, we have the blueprints and we will gladly share. Don't go it alone and reinvent what is already available. Time is money, hit reset, and find someone you trust to give you direct, actionable solutions.

Northstar is an Employee Assistance Program firm that focuses on delivering mental health counseling, strategic help and coaching to our partner company employees. We deliver tailor-made, human-centered counseling and care to our prioritized business partners. Working directly with employers, we eliminate the authorization and screening process so our clients can get help immediately. We put our partner companies and their employees first. 

Through the past three posts, the 1,2,3, of Northstar EAP has been broken down. These are the three main ways Northstar offers and adds value to their partners. We are excited to understand your group, your team, what you're facing and help you fix it. Contact us to discuss what your top challenge might be and let's see where we can get together. 

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