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Northstar Client Survey: Results are in!

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Northstar EAP is proud of our clients, our counselors, and these survey results!


Our Northstar Team is very excited to see these outcomes and share them with you. Our expedited access to care and resources combined with the strength of our counselor network creates the NORTHSTAR DIFFERENCE of quality and service to your employees and their families. 

Responsive contact and quick scheduling, excellent interactions with therapists, and solution-driven results for your company and organization. This is what we aim for and now it shows it's being accomplished.


Thank you to those who have partnered with us over the past year as companies, clients, and counselors. We appreciate the feedback and this report means good news for all of us. 


Here are some of the statistics and responses to the Client Survey (conducted May 2021):

Actual Client Quotes:

  • "My counselor was amazing!"
  • "This has been so helpful!"
  • "So professional -what a positive experience."

After initial request or intake:

  • 72% of our clients are contacted in 1-3 days
  • 15% contacted in 3-5 days

When asked if they would recommend Northstar:

  • 97% of our clients would recommend Northstar EAP to a peer, coworker, friend or family member
  • 3% already recommend us all the time!

What asked to rate their care:

  • 80% said their care was VERY GOOD
  • 15% said their care was GOOD
  • 4% said their care was AMAZING!

At Northstar EAP our goal is to increase access for your real employees to connect with our real network of counselors and therapists. Our network is our largest asset and we are both proud and aware of the value it brings to our direct partners.

If your company works with a corporate EAP provider (Aetna, Magallen, Lifeworks, etc… to name a few) they are calling us! Calling us to access our therapists. At Northstar, we prioritize our direct company partners and their employees go to the top of our lists. Ultimately the quicker we can get your employee connected with the care they are seeking, the faster result and outcome can occur for your business operations.

Mental Health is topping the list of necessary employee benefits as far as what trends and opportunities are being forecasted.

Over the past year, the new Northstar leadership has sought to invest in our team, in technology, and in systems that give our companies and clients the best possible experiencefor Employee Assistance, Workplace Wellness, Mental Health Resources, Life/Work Balance, Stress and Anxiety Relief, Family Counseling and more. If you want your employees to know you care, if you want to begin to see a difference, contact Northstar EAP to understand the 'Northstar Difference'. 

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