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Northstar Resource Portal

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Northstar’s LifeExpert Portal is a 24/7 accessible site that allows your employees to learn and grow at their pace. This portal not only provides custom content to our Northstar partners, it offers monthly webinars and soft skill trainings that your entire staff can learn from and participate. The portal is updated weekly with relevant and timely information.

Examples of topics available on the portal:

  • Active listening
  • Conflict Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Working from home health habits

Starting at $1/month per employee you can give them access to this site and all the tools they need to develop personally and professionally.

Additional focus and content areas:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Career
  • College Life

And more!

Northstar presents TESS!

Northstar has added Tess, a virtual texting tool for all of our company partners and employees. EAP is a valuable tool and resource and we know that many of our employee clients access this service, our goal at Northstar is to also provide care and options for those who need something different or more.

Meet Tess!

Tess is trained to deliver emotional support support that aligns with recommendations from mental health experts. She listens carefully and reinforces skills learned in previous discussions. 

We all know the person (and it might be us!) who ignores the phone call, but answers the text! This service counts on that! Deepening the engagement for your entire team, Tess provides an option for more employees and users. 

EAP, Northstar Resource Portal, Wellness Services, Business and HR consulting, and TESS help round out options for Northstar partners. Delivering a holistic experience for both the employee and company they work for.