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Organizational & Business Mental Health and Strategic Assessment

If you are an owner, manager, HR pro, benefit specialist or broker, use this tool to evaluate your organization. A mentally healthy workplace needs certain benefits in place to support and engage employees. (Best for groups 50 employees and more.)

  • Do you have an EAP?
  • If yes, does it work for you?
  • Do you have a company culture that goes by the handbook, or is the handbook gathering dust?
  • Are you fire fighting most days or strategically working forward to reach your organizational goals?

If you are hesitating answering these questions, or answering no, then this review is for you.

Share the results with your team, leadership group, or wellness committee and discuss your organization’s score and next steps. Data tells the story, but are you ready to listen?

Click "Next" below to start completing this 5 minute Organizational Assessment.