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Employee Assistance Programs have been around for decades and Northstar has been around for over 20 years. Northstar EAP service is now nationwide, intentionally pairing with rural based clients -both the employer or employee.

We will be publishing a three part series regarding Northstar EAP, what we do, why we are different, what services and support we provide.

Part two of three:

Human Resources with Northstar EAP

SHRM'ators we are talking to you! As a continuation of the three main ways Northstar EAP works with and supports your organization, this month we are talking about one of our favorite topics, Human Resources.

2. HR for HR: Northstar helps our Human Resource partners with their tasks and objectives, gaining perspective or being an advocate.

As is the case at many small to medium size companies, they have a small HR shop, or a staff person playing multiple roles, we are all very accustomed to seeing 1 of 1 in the Human Resources seat. Northstar can become HR for HR. HR doesn't always have that person to lean on! When they need a partner to consult, to share the workload, to refer employees too when dealing with difficult or compliance issues, Northstar is here for it.

Additionally, Northstar provides actionable, usable data back to their Employer Partners often through the conduit of HR. Data is (sometimes) only useful when translated. Many HR pros find themselves advocating for various employee initiatives while explaining to leadership how this will either help the bottom line or ensure fiscal responsibility as well as helping the team. EAP and the data provided by Northstar tools can be the 'canary in the coal mine', the thermometer reading, or warning shot that leadership needs to hear or see and to consider or create a new plan based on the story being told. We know you are already busy, the past two years has put more on our HR plates than ever before. Let us take some of that lift for you. 

If you are investing in your team with EAP, you need to see the return. Northstar Utilization reports are numbers from action, they tell the story of what your employees are facing, success they are finding, or challenges that need addressing.

DO NOT OVERLOOK this important value Northstar provides over other EAP options. The 'Utilization Report' is both comprehensive and crucial, it's the result of your own strategy and how your team is internalizing, for better or worse. We work with HR to develop plans and strategies based of the real information from their population in real time.

Whether you are the decision maker, the advocate, or in the HR role because it is 'other duties as assigned', we are here to help, here to be your partner. EAP falls into the spectrum of employee mental health care. We work with brokers, review your insurance coverage to ensure that the continuation of coverage is achieving the objective you set out to reach. 

Northstar is your turnkey employee support solution. Our employee assistance program (EAP) delivers comprehensive services to support employees in their personal and professional lives. Northstar specializes in delivering employee mental health counseling coupled with full circle human resources solutions to create an engaged and productive workplace.

Compassion, paired with a people-centered approach, contributes to increased levels of employee engagement and life satisfaction, both of which drive organizational success. EAP Services for your employees and students are at our core. We also serve as your partner in developing human resources practices that align to your business needs and your company's culture. Our goal is to help you deliver the best result and increase productivity. 

With Northstar, you can deepen your organization's bench strength, tackle the day-to-day needs of your employees, and achieve your company's goals.

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