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What’s one of the best retention tactics for your employees?

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Training, Professional Development, and why investing in your people helps with retention

We have all heard the quote, "What if you train and invest in your employees and they leave? But what if you train and invest in your employees and they stay?"

Behind pay the next most requested, necessary, beneficial way to retain and engage your team is with professional development. Whether that means taking the time to offer a training that is presented in-person versus a video, sending some staff to a conference, or taking the time to coach and mentor versus tell and direct. These are all examples of investing in your team to help them become stronger professionals, employees, and members of a functioning organization.

Northstar offers options that are both proactive and reactive for this very reason. We can give you compliance-based trainings, leadership and tactical seminars, or create a custom option for your team based off the utilization data and reporting we see through EAP usage.

Partnering with Northstar EAP allows your company access to complimentary HR options and support. When we review organizational utilization information twice a year, we not only ensure your population is accessing and using the service as efficiently as possible, but we are combing for the best path forward and what could dovetail into your current business goals and organizational strategy. An example would be this past summer in reviewing information with one group, we noted that their family and depending on usage was notably high.

Set your team up for success with Northstar EAP Trainings and Seminars Leadership Development. We have expertly developed a collection of workshops and training to develop the leadership bench strength of your team.

Examples of trainings and options:

Leadership Series options that can be designed in a series style format or all offered.
• Leadership fundamentals
• Building and engaging a team
• Creating a positive work environment
• Supervisory 101 (Ideal for new managers/supervisors)
• Workplace Communication:
• Conflict management/resolution
• Rewards and Recognition- Built best for a retail or sales environment.

Technical and Mental Health Focus topics:
Anti-Harassment Training

Workplace Mental Health Awareness: Navigating Mental Health in the Workplace (targeted at managers and supervisors


Managing Depression

Custom Training Options: We are here to serve you and your team. We love partnering with HR and organizational leaders to curate personalized training to meet the needs of your team.

Executive Coaching and Mentorship: Leadership coaching can empower your leaders to thrive. Northstar can support the development and professional growth of your leadership team. This helps build a strong culture and drive superior business outcomes.

Human Resources Coaching and Development: Have an HR Pro on call. Our HR partners are always the first one called on your team, who do they call when needing third party perspective, a confident that has been in similar situations, or someone to discuss a plan and tactics with that understands compliance and best practice. Northstar has your back when it comes to Human Resource and guiding you to your best solution.

Strategic Planning: We develop long term relationships with our partners. Northstar can provide you with effective strategy skills to reach our business goals, align your team and improve business results. We can support you from the basics of strategic planning to implementation of your plan and map goals with your leaders to drive engagement throughout your organization. development or ongoing support for leaders. This can dovetail into leadership or CEO/Executive Coaching.

Providing tools and resources centered around training and development helps your employees grow, your team becomes more effective, and your entire department or organization has a rally point. As discussed with a client yesterday, “once an employee is ‘burn-out’, it’s hard to come back from the edge of that cliff”. Let’s get ahead of burn-out and attrition, let’s reduce call offs and sick days, let’s meet our people where they are and give them the tools to move forward.

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