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My payroll/medical carrier said they can offer me free EAP coverage since I have multiple plans with them?

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Employers often try to leverage “add-on” EAP services or subscribe to a technology-based direct-to-consumer service; however, these approaches are rarely able to deliver proper evaluations or a high standard of care to employees. Choosing a “free” or “embedded” EAP can burden your employees with a strict approval process which delays care by as many as 5- 14 business days. This can feel like a lifetime to an employee with a time-sensitive need.

Choose ‘local’ over ‘add-on’.

Northstar EAP processes initial requests within 24 hours and works to pair each client with a counselor trained for their specific need. Northstar offers both real-time options with local providers and a robust online portal with virtual therapy options so your employees can see us when they need us most.

Additionally, we have an engaged and curated counselor network that increases access for our direct partners. What good is a free EAP, if it doesn’t work… ?

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