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My payroll/medical carrier said they can offer me free EAP coverage since I have multiple plans with them?

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Employers often try to leverage “add-on” EAP services or subscribe to a technology-based direct-to-consumer service; however, these approaches are rarely able to deliver proper evaluations or a high standard of care to employees. Choosing a “free” or “embedded” EAP can burden your employees with a strict approval process which delays care by as many as 5- 7 business days. This can feel like a lifetime to an employee with a time-sensitive need.

Choose ‘local’ over ‘add-on’.

Northstar EAP processes initial requests within 24 hours and works to pair each client with a counselor trained for their specific need. Northstar offers both real-time options with local providers and a robust online portal with virtual therapy options so your employees can see us when they need us most.

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