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What is counseling like?

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Because each person has different issues and goals for counseling, it will be different depending on the individual.  In general, you can expect to discuss the current events happening in your life, your personal history relevant to your issue, and report progress (or any new insights gained) from the previous session.  It is most common to schedule regular sessions with your social worker bi-weekly. It is important to understand that you will get more results from  counseling if you actively participate in the process.  The ultimate purpose is to help you bring what you learn in session back into your life.  Therefore, beyond the work you do in the sessions, your counselor may suggest some things you can do at home to support your process – such as reading a pertinent book, journaling on specific topics, noting particular behaviors or taking action on your goals. People seeking counseling are ready to make positive changes in their lives, are open to new perspectives and take responsibility for their lives.

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