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What is EAP?

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EAP, stands for Employee Assistance Program. Northstar offers EAP among additional complimentary services. EAPs provide needs assessment, counseling and referrals for employees and their family members who find themselves facing mental health or emotional challenges. EAPs help employees and their families deal with life events, workplace issues, and a wide variety of other personal challenges. An EAP is often a benefit provider by an employer that, as an employer, can set you apart in hiring, along with increased employee retention and increased workforce outcomes.

EAP is not mental health long-term counseling. EAP is not mental health care.  One of our primary objectives at Northstar is to educate our company clients and their employees on EAP. Northstar’s goal is to drive productivity, strengthen teamwork, provide work/life support and counsel individual and organizational mental and behavioral health—all while exceeding expectations in service delivery.

Northstar’s EAP objectives:

  • Improve employee retention and engagement
  • Boost talent acquisition efforts
  • Maximize productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve morale and satisfaction
  • Improve work/life balance
  • Empower you to address today’s most pressing HR issues including sexual harassment, workplace violence, and the opioid crisis

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