Data, Utilization Reports, and Analytics for EAP

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Data, Utilization Reports, and Analytics for EAP


Data, for informed decision making is part of every business decision these days. It helps tell a story, it gives us insight to users, customers, employees, output, and productivity. If data is King, then clean data is Queen.

At Northstar we love it. We provide your company leadership data, information, behavior patterns, web analytics and numbers about your employee population. Not only in regards to EAP use but also their communication styles, what they prioritize, and times of year that are more meaningful to your team and business. We appreciate when our partners are as interested and excited about data and analytics as we are. During the time of year when the Northstar Team reviews Utilization Data with our partners, we all remark how valuable that information is to the organization.

It can be eye-opening, a realization, or confirming what we already knew or suspected, but now there are hard numbers to back that up. Many times when we have shown what our reports look like or include to organizational leaders, business leaders, insurance brokers, and peer EAP professionals they are impressed, agreeing in regards to the importance of people metrics and information that speaks directly to their human capital and how their employees are feeling in regards to their mental health and wellbeing. It is a direct tie to their outcomes, performance, presenteeism and absenteeism.  

By creating opportunities to provide more frequent and even anonymous feedback, employers can glean much-needed information about how their programs are resonating. Use EAP reports as informal surveys to understand the emotional and mental wellness of your team, as well as what they are searching and texting to our Northstar tools and employee portal. The person and details remain confidential, but the macro data is yours to make more informed decisions.

At Northstar we know the value of data. Every tool and resource we provide, also provides data to our business leaders. 

Utilization Reports become a term our Northstar EAP partners will know. As we have discussed before, we partner very closely with Human Resources to provide not only counsel, information, tactics and tools, but data and hard numbers on soft, squishy items. Twice a year we run these reports to provide to our business partners.*

We need to give you real information so you can make very real strategic decisions.

Data allows organizations to determine the cause of problems more effectively. Data allows organizations to visualize relationships between what is happening in different locations, departments, and systems.

Conversely if you are not receiving comprehensive reports from your current EAP it is a great time to reconsider and review options. Northstar is a great fit for business of 100-3000 employees. We have a niche with this size business and their employee population. Helping rural businesses, mid-market size organizations is where we shine. Your business success is our success. Let us show you the numbers today.


*Small business packages receive collective data annually to ensure confidentiality for the employees using the service.

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