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Northstar EAP
Employee & Student Assistance Program, Business Coaching, & Human Resources
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Wisconsin Employee Assistance Program, Human Resource Solutions, and Workplace Wellness:

Whether you live in Madison or Wausau, Superior or Green Bay, Northstar EAP has you covered.

An Employee Assistance Program, is short-term, solution-focused counseling.

Many people can resolve their concerns within a few sessions, but if you need something more than short-term counseling can provide your counselor can make referrals to help you get you connected to the right type of support for your needs.

Northstar takes it a step further and goes beyond EAP and the utilization report to help you translate your data and understand the root cause and underlying issues. Then custom trainings and solution driven efforts can help you take action and instill better systems within your organization and create better business practice and habits.

Northstar works with Wisconsin employers, businesses small or large, rural or in an urban location, to deliver comprehensive EAP to any organization in Wisconsin seeking to improve their company culture and efficiencies, drive down missed work days and increase productivity.